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Recommendations for Cacieli Correa

Kathley Foley

Cacieli Correa has been cleaning my home for a few years. She had always been dependable, reliable and does a fabulous job cleaning. I would highly recommend Cacieli's serviced

James Harrison

Cacieli Correa has been doing a great job cleaning my house for about 4 years. She does a vey thorough job moving furniture to clean below and behind the chairs and couches. She is a very hard worker, polishing and leaving the house smelling and looking great. I would recommend her to anyone who asked.

Katherine Adams

Caci has cleaned my place for over six years. I've had other good cleaners but she's the best. Her work is thorough every single time. She is consistent about arriving about the same time. She has a rotation for jobs, like waxing, that she does not do every visit. She is aggressive about cleaning, dusting, scrubbing, vacuuming, etc. so the house feels sparkly from top to bottom. She really puts muscle into it. I'm pleased with her work and can't think of anything that I would like her to do differently. She's also reasonable to deal with. Very consistent there too. Very happy to have her.

Meagan Coffen

Cacieli is amazing! She is reliable, hard-working, and always leaves a beautifully clean house. I highly recommend her--affordable and quality cleaning!

Kate Durane

Cacieli has been cleaning our home for over 5 years. She does a wonderful and very thorough job always. Over the years we have recommended her to many friends who are equally happy